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Our Services

HERRONCAMC clean and maintain commercial properties and medical centres, and also include coverage for local promotions and event shows.

We do this every working day in consultation with agents and private building owners to address their needs.

Long term planned and scheduled services, monitoring of the services to client requirements whilst complying with industry codes and covering services agreements is all part of what we do and much more. 

HERRONCAMC endeavour to provide services that exceed our partner clients expectations at every opportunity.

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   Major Events

    Events cleaning services and management.


The core of our business relates to safe and secure servicing and management of demised and common area to commercial office buildings and medium sized shopping centres in Townsville, North Queensland.

Services may include internal/external common area, building exterior, demised office space, restrooms, general kitchens and open staff relaxation space. Property grounds and gardens maintenance can be included with our main services if required.

Any property under our control or new quotation request for services always include a tailor-made Maintenance Specification. The advantage of using formal guidelines not only identifies the areas to be addressed, it ensures that any contractual agreement it covers expresses to all parties involved who is accountable for any area of the property. 

We are fully insured. We also supply MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) to property managers for all chemicals and related products that are used as part of our services at any commercial property.

Our Workplace Health and Safety and Environmental policies are available at request.

We provide safe and secure services within every aspect of our business operations.

Property Reports and Advice

In this area we work closely with managing agents and owners.

We are able to carry out inspections, prepare reports and advise on the best options and methods available to maintain your commercial property to high standards. We instigate and encourage regular client contact and meetings in order to inform and discuss findings and address these areas for existing and potential properties.

This may include written reports relating to property condition and servicing recommendations for the same. The goal being the continuation of maintenance and enhancement or rectification of its appearance.

Reports may also relate to grounds maintenance issues where applicable, including demised/common area defects and requisite consumption issues.

For any enquires please find further information on our "where we are" page.

Any form of contact will be treated confidentially and will be responded to promptly.