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Employment Guidelines

Looking for that “Sea Change”?

If you are looking to work and move into this region with it's diversity and wonderful laid back lifestyle, or you are already lucky enough to live here, please feel free to submit a resume.

Email a short introduction about yourself attaching a Word® document resume including your relevant commercial cleaning and building maintenance experience to employment and we will contact you about any possible vacancies.

Temporary/casual show events work may also be available. Please enquire.

All submissions will be responded to.

We will hold your application/s details (digital or written information securely and in strict confidence for a three month period). After that period has elapsed it will be deleted (high level digital shredding) or physically destroyed if your application/s were unsuccessful.

HERRONCAMC is an equal opportunity employer. 

Important: Successful applicants must agree to and pass police checks to the standards of HERRONCAMC POLICY before any official appointment to any position can be confirmed.